27 November, 2014
Darren Almond, Moonbow@Fullmoon (2011), 2014

New Taschen Darren Almond Art Editions

Darren Almond’s nocturnal nature series ‘Lunar lens’ In Fullmoon, the conceptual meets the poetic: British artist Darren Almond catches natural archetypes and …

27 November, 2014
Anrulf Rainer, Restecke, 1971/72, 2014

Arnulf Rainer ‘Restecke’

Arnulf Rainer, Restecke, 1971/72, 2014 On the occasion of the exhibition honoring the artist on his 85th birthday in 2014, Arnulf Rainer …

25 November, 2014
Paul McCarthy, Moleskine Box – Special Edition

Paul McCarthy ‘Chocolate Factory’

Paul McCarthy, Moleskine Box – Special Edition Medium: 9 mini-medals presented in a special edition, a casket imitation leather; artist’s book, Size: …