19 December, 2014
Conor Harrington, Samson's Nostalgia Trap, 2014

Conor Harrington ‘Samson’s Nostalgia Trap’

Conor Harrington, Samson’s Nostalgia Trap, 2014 Samson’s Nostalgia Trap completes the third print instalment from Harrington’s widely acclaimed Eat and Delete series, …

18 December, 2014
Darren Almond, Fullmoon@Sandwalk Wood, 2014

Darren Almond ‘Fullmoon@Sandwalk’

Darren Almond, Fullmoon@Sandwalk Wood, 2014 In this limited edition print by Darren Almond, which accompanies a limited, signed version of his publication …

11 December, 2014
Marina Abramović, Scarf, 2014

Marina Abramović – Scarf

Marina Abramović, Scarf, 2014 “I was truly inspired by Frida Kahlo and her Self-Portrait with Monkey,” says Marina Abramović about this beautifully …