Closky, Curlet and Serandour prints

Claude Closky, Nail / Hammer, 2014. Francois Curlet, BELGE  39738 / BELGE  39738, 2014. Yann Serandour, Cactus for the amateur / Cacti …

15 April, 2014
Parker Ito, Cheeto returns, 2014.

Parker Ito print ‘Cheeto returns’

Parker Ito, Cheeto returns, 2014.  SOLD OUT   Favorite Medium: 4 layer screen print with water based ink on Hahnemühle 300g archival paper …

15 April, 2014
Cory Arcangel, Ducati, 2014.

Cory Arcangel print ‘Ducati’

Cory Arcangel, Ducati, 2014. To accompany the ICA’s survey of Richard Hamilton work Cory Arcangel has produced a limited edition print made …