Amalia Pica – C-Print “Catachresis #13” – Out Now

Chisenhale Gallery presents Amalia Pica’s first UK solo exhibition, featuring newly commissioned works across sculpture, photography, installation and performance.

Amalia Pica, Instructions to make Catachresis #13 (elbow of the pipe, eye of the potato, eye of the needle), 2012
To accompany the exhibition Pica has produced a limited edition featuring a photograph that serves as a visual instruction guide for how to assemble the accompanying elements.

The edition is based on a series of works that take as their starting point the term ‘catachresis’ – defined as the misapplication of a word that is used to designate an element that has no name. These sculptures are assemblages of objects named with this type of metaphor, in this edition present in the phrases elbow of the pipe, eye of the potato, eye of the needle.

Medium: Digital C-type print on Fuji Crystal Archive paper,
The print comes with darning needles and a copper pipe fitting 90 degree elbow, 35mm diameter.
These materials are included for remaking the sculpture using the photograph as a guide.
Print 19.8 x 29.7 cm / Sculpture dimensions variable
Edition of 100 + 10APs

Special Launch price: £180
Chisenhale Friend's price £162

You can order this great Amalia Pica limited edition at Chisenhale Gallery here

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