Danh Vo – New Originals – Pre-order

Danh Vo, Untitled, 2012.    SOLD OUT

In his objects, installations, photographs, and works on paper Danh Võ combines personal experiences from his childhood in Vietnam with the story of his family, their flight to Europe, and questions of colonialism, migration, and cultural identity. A no less important topic of his works are same-sex relationships and, generally, a questioning of standardized patterns of behavior both in society in general and in the art context in particular. For his upcoming exhibition, which will run April 21 - June 24 2012, at the Kunsthaus Bregenz, Austia, Danh Vo has made an exclusive limited edition.

Recycling paper, gold leaf, dimensions variable, signed
2-piece edition
3-piece edition
4-piece edition
5-piece edition
6-piece edition

You can pre-order it at the Kunsthaus Bregenz here

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