Deimantas Narcevičius ‘Overgrown Lane’

Deimantas Narcevičius, Overgrown Lane, 2015

Deimantas Narcevičius, Overgrown Lane (Back), 2015 Deimantas Narcevičius, Overgrown Lane (Front), 2015

Medium: 8 double sided offset prints on multi-offset 120 gr.
Each print: 29,7 x 21 cm
frontside : still from Deimantas Narcevičius' His-Story.
backside reads a subtitle from the same film: We all felt good when we found each other again.
Edition of 40 + (7 AP)
Signed and numbered
Price total set: €140 (Price increases as edition sells out)

This limited edition Deimantas Narcevičius print set is available at New Art Editions

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