Jenny Holzer – “Truth Before Power” Set of 4 – Available

Jenny Holzer, Truth Before Power, 2004   SOLD OUT
This edition, specially conceived for the Kunsthaus Bregenz, is based on Jenny Holzer’s xenon projections in Vorarlberg. Parallel to her exhibition at the Kunsthaus Bregenz, TRUTH BEFORE POWER, projected texts, including US government documents, a poem by Henri Cole, and her own writing on architectural landmarks and landscape panoramas.

For this edition, Holzer selected four of the finest and most representative images of the xenon projections. The four projection images in this limited edition represent, in both form and content, the work of the artist and a piece of exhibition history.

The close work with the artist during the exhibition production results in exclusive, special editions designed specifically for the Kunsthaus Bregenz, Austria.

Set of four projection images
Limited edition of 60 pieces,
numbered and signed
Each image is 40 x 50 cm
Publisher: Kunsthaus Bregenz

You can order this Jenny Holzer limited edition at the Kunsthaus Bregenz here

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