KAWS - COMPANIONSHeight : 28cm
Set of six pieces in three colors (black, brown, grey) and two variations (whole and flayed)
Open edition

These unlimited KAWS figures are available at Galerie Perrotin

New Art Editions will once more feature these KAWS Companions when they will pop-up again. Remember, these are open editions.

UPDATE April 7th 2017: Now available at Galerie Perrotin the Grey edition at €191,67 ex VAT
UPDATE April 14th 2017: Unavailable
UPDATE May 18th 2017: Now available at Yorkshire Sculpture Park all 6 Companions at £160 per companion.
Update July 7th 2017: the complete set is now available at Galerie Perrotin at €1.150 ex VAT or individually at €191,67 ex VAT per sculpture


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