Private Sales – Peter Doig – Driftwood

Private Sales - Peter Doig - Driftwood - 2002

Peter Doig - Driftwood - 2002Peter Doig is one of the small group of contemporary  artists who continue to believe in paint as the greatest medium of art. Indeed, he speaks of oil paint almost as a lover, treasuring the way it drips on the canvas, thins with the brush stroke and changes as it hardens. “It’s a form of magic and alchemy. The way it congeals and how it takes on a different character when it goes bad, and the way that certain colours produce different kinds of dryness, and all those little things that may not seem important at all, but I think are ultimately incredibly important really”.

In his series under the title Driftwood (2001-2002) Doig sustains a dynamic balance between structure and atmosphere. The paintings have a deceptive casualness in delivering an image that firmly imprints itself on the retinal memory. The dreamlike imagery of Driftwood seems to speak romantically about the transient nature of human life, the preciousness of memory and the importance of dreams.

Medium: Oil on paper, framed
Painting size: 66 x 51 cm.
Frame size: 95 x 80 cm
Mint condition.
Price: $ 210,000

This original Peter Doig painting is available at New Art Editions

Condition: Mint.
Provenance: Full provenance available. Now in a Private Collection
Location of the painting: USA-NY
Buyers premium: 0%
Buyer is responsible for the delivery of the work.
Duration of the sale: 17 May 15:00 CET  -  31 May 15:00 CET, 2018

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