Special Offers by Schellmann Art – May 2015

The new special offers from Schellmann Art are now available. Artworks created by leading artists, against very special prices. The 3 editions hereunder are just a small selection of the total special offering.

Thomas Ruff, Maschine 1410, 2005Thomas Ruff, Maschine 1410, 2005

Medium: Lambda C-print,
Size: 45 x 60 cm (17¾ x 23¾").
Edition of 60,
Signed and numbered.

Regular price: €1.800
Special price: EXPIRED

Andy Warhol, Neuschwanstein (Poster), 1987Andy Warhol, Neuschwanstein (Poster), 1987

Medium: Offset on rag paper,
Size: 91 x 62 cm (36 x 24½"),
Edition of 1,200,
Stamp signed, unnumbered.
Condition: slight staining in the right white border, throughout the complete edition.

Special price: EXPIRED incl. shipping

Allen Jones, Untitled, 1971Allen Jones, Untitled, 1971

Medium: Lithograph on rag paper,
Size: 64 x 48 cm (25 x 19"),
Edition of 100,
Signed and numbered.

Regular price: €1.800
Special price: EXPIRED Shipping costs incl.


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