Zoe Leonard – Postcard Edition – Out Now

Zoe Leonard, Post Card Edition, 2012     SOLD OUT
Running 31 March 2012 - 24 June 2012 at the Camden Arts Centre , New York-based artist Zoe Leonard transforms Gallery 3 into a camera obscura. Daylight filters-in through a lens, projecting an image of the world outside onto the floor, walls and ceiling, creating a spatially immersive experience. Alongside this, Gallery 1 is filled with a new series of photographs of the sun and in Gallery 2 there is an installation of found postcards of Niagara Falls.

Accompanying Leonard's  exhibition, Camden Arts Centre releases a limited edition of 100 "Niagra Falls" postcards.

Edition size: 100 post cards
Each Postcard is signed and numbered by the artist

You can order this limited edition at the Camden Arts Centre here

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