3 Billy Chyldish posters ‘Alan Yentob’ *SOLD*


Billy Chyldish, Oi Yentob Shut Your Gob! Celebratory Poster, 2014.
Billy Chyldish, Yentob Thinks Beyonce is Vincent Van Gogh, Celebratory Poster, 2014.
Billy Chyldish, Yentob is Mates With Anyone Who's Famous Celebratory Poster, 2014.

In commemoration of the forthcoming Ltd Edition 45 "Oi Yentob Shut Your Gob!" on SmartGuy Records, San Fransisco, L-13 are pleased to make available this series of celebratory posters featuring the great Alan Yentob: Friend to the stars and the only man with the acumen to discern that Beyonce is as great an artist as Vincent Van Gogh.

Edition of 31 copies (each)
Signed and numbered by "Chyldish"
Size: 51 x 35 cm
Comes folded and in a distressed condition
Designed by the artist Billy Chyldish
Constructed by the L-13 Light Industrial Workshop
Price: £25 (each)

These limited edition Billy Chyldish posters are available at L-13 Light Industrial Workshop