4 New Invader prints *SOLD*

- Low Res Mona Lisa, 2014

- Sea of Slime, 2014
- Astro Boy, 2014
- Still Life with Pocari Can, 2014.

Medium: Silkscreen
Size: 50 x 30 cm
Edition of 50 (each)
Signed and numbered
Price Japan: ¥54,000 (each)  SOLD OUT
Price Rest of World: ¥50,000 (each)   aprox: $495 / £293 / €360

Please note that purchases via the Gallery Tartget are available to Japan residents only.

They will contact you when they have available works for you.

Important Note from Gallery Target:
* Prices on our site include Japanese consumption duty (0.8%).
For those who lives oversea, your price for each print will be ¥50,000-.
* You can order 1 print per 1 art work. / We do not sell by the set.
* We only will contact you when we have print(s) available for you by May 27th tuesday.
* Our automated shopping site only accept a payment and delivery of the art work to addresses in Japan.
For those who lives oversea, please do not place an order and make the payment through our automated shopping cart.
Our system will not be able to accept this type of order and it will be your responsibility to cancel your payment.
Thank you for your understanding on our system.