Abelardo Morell print – “View of Brooklyn Bridge in Bedroom” * SOLD *

Abelardo Morell, View of Brooklyn Bridge in Bedroom, 2009/2012.  SOLD OUT
This Abelardo Morell limited-edition photograph, entitled View of Brooklyn Bridge in Bedroom, 2009, is from his Camera Obscura series. When Morell first began experimenting with the camera obscura process in 1991 he would cover with black plastic all of the windows in the room where he was working, then he would cut a small hole into the wall to allow light into the room. The view of what lay beyond the room would be projected, inverted, onto its inner walls. In the subsequent two decades, Morell has pushed this ancient process by using color film, various lenses, and a prism to make the projection appear right side up.

Medium: Pigment ink print
Image Size: 11 x 13 3/4 inches
Paper Size: 13 x 15 3/4 inches
Edition: 25 + 3 AP
Signed and numbered by the artist

This limited edition Abelardo Morell print is available at Aperture here

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