Adam McEwen – L-Ruler

Adam McEwen - L-Ruler - 2017

Adam McEwen - L-Ruler - 2017L-Ruler is an benefit edition, for Storefront for Art and ArchitectureI, consisting of a representation of a 12-inch L-ruler machined in graphite, a signature material of Adam McEwen’s practice. The ruler exists at the intersection of drawing, art, and architecture. The context of Storefront’s role and position, grounded in architecture and experimentation, suggests the right angle of an L-ruler, as opposed to a plain straight edge.

In theory, the edition is a technically accurate ruler and could be used as such. But the soft materiality of graphite and its willingness to roll off of itself means that with use, the ruler would soon grow distorted—dented, imperceptibly curved, worn down, made out-of-true—rendering it increasingly unreliable, deceptive, and ultimately useless.

Medium: Graphite
Size: 12” x 7” x 3/32"
Edition: 10 + 2 AP
Signed and numbered on the box
Price: $7.000

This limited edition Adam McEwen object is available at Storefront for Art and ArchitectureI