AES+F – digital edition – New Liberty

AES+F - New Liberty, 2012.

AES+F, New Liberty, 2012. AES+F's "Islamic Project" is key when looking at the artists' oeuvre, and New Liberty in particular is the most iconic images of the series. Framed as a "visualization of fears of Western society about Islam", the digitally altered photograph of a burka covered Statue of Liberty could not have more of an impact when wanting to amuse, disturb and raise questions with the viewer all at the same time. The strength of AES+F's work has always resided in the juxtaposition between myths and stereotypes. "We'd like to destroy the cliche about the good guys and the bad guys, as portrayed in the media. (...). With art, we're attempting to describe the new situation, in which complete ambiguity rules."

As a result, AES+F's created imagery provokes conflicting emotions of excitement and anxiety. The real absurdity yet emotional power of New Liberty becomes clear when considering the opposing associations combined in a single image: the statue of liberty - mythically nominative of freedom and individuality, is veiled by a burka - considered a symbol of total oppression and self-obliteration.

The work, Still – High-resolution image (PNG), 2001x3000px, is an edition of 500. New Liberty is also part of s[edition]’s dynamic pricing model. As edition availability decreases the price of the work increases.

This limited AES+F digital edition is available on s[edition] here