Amalia Pica – Extended ears *SOLD*

Amalia Pica - Extended Ears - 2017  SOLD OUT

Amalia Pica - Extended Ears - 2017In conjunction with her Fall 2017 exhibition ears to speak of, Amalia Pica produced a limited edition exclusively for The Power Plant. The works presented in the exhibition continue Pica’s engagement with the failures and impossibilities of communication and obsolete technologies, as well as the attempt to actively make listening possible on a personal level. In the gypsum sculpture Extended ears two hands are cupped in an effort to listen closely, to improve understanding.

Medium: Gypsum sculpture
Size: 12” x 8.5” x 3.25”
Edition of 15
Price: CAD 1,500  SOLD

This limited edition Amalia Pica sculpture is available at The Power Plant