Amelie von Wulffen – Granny Smith

Amelie von Wulffen - Granny Smith - 2018

Amelie von Wulffen - Granny Smith - 2018For the edition Granny Smith, Amelie von Wulffen has turned to the strange cult of small sculptures: those cute, trivial creatures that one finds on windowsills and drawers. Yet, for all their snugness, there is a sort of animism to these little figures, an eerie allure that turns the room into a grotesque stage set. It is this surrealism of the minuscule that is explored by von Wulffen’s modest comrades.

The edition is based upon von Wulffen’s This is How it Happened series. In these works, von Wulffen presents scenes of contemporary life, parables of art world mores, tales of desolation and delirium. The series’ protagonists are vegetables or fruits and one of them, the moody green apple, has now migrated mediums, from the parody of painting to decorative figuration. In keeping with her allegorical mode, von Wulffen has given each of the figures a character of its own, thus at once referencing the domestic intimacy of these object and the anxiety and strangeness that accompany private life.

Medium: Glazed ceramics, each handmade by the artist
Size: ca. 10 x 10 cm  (3.9 x 3.9 in.)
Edition of 10 + 4 AP, each unique
Signed and numbered
Price: €1,500

This limited edition Amelie von Wulffen ceramic sculpture is available at MAY Quarterly

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