Antony Gormley – Another Place

Antony Gormley, Another Place, 2014.Antony Gormley, Another Place, 2014.   SOLD OUT

Medium: Poster,
Size: 40cm x 140cm,
Edition of 60,
Signed by the artist
Price: £70

This major installation, commissioned by Liverpool Biennial, comprises 100 cast-iron sculptures made from 17 different moulds taken from the sculptor’s own body, installed on Crosby Beach on the Mersey Estuary, all facing the open sea. The work covers a distance of almost 3km, with the pieces placed 250m apart along the tide line, and up to 1km out towards the horizon. The movement of local tides and daily weather conditions dictate whether the figures are visible or submerged. It is one of the most well-loved and widely recognised public art works in the UK.

A limited number of posters featuring an image of Antony Gormley’s Another Place, 2005, each signed by the artist, are available to purchase at Liverpool Biennial. The posters have been generously donated by Antony Gormley.