Arnulf Rainer ‘Restecke’

Arnulf Rainer, Restecke, 1971/72, 2014

Anrulf Rainer, Restecke, 1971/72, 2014On the occasion of the exhibition honoring the artist on his 85th birthday in 2014, Arnulf Rainer has made an edition available exclusively to the Albertina: only 35 impressions have now been printed from a plate dating from 1971/72. The artist’s ‘overpaintings’ and ‘fillings’ exemplify a central artistic position both in art and art history after 1945 and within Rainer’s own œuvre. The drypoint Restecke impressively represents the artistic statement made by Rainer, an artist of high international renown.

Medium: drypoint on steel-plated copper
Size: approx. 65 × 50 cm
Edition: 35 impressions
Signed and numbered)
Special price exclusively for the Friends of the Albertina: € 2,277

This Arnulf Rainer edition is available at Albertina Museum