The Artists’ Colouring Book of ABCs, 2013 + Chapman Bros. print *SOLD*

The Artists’ Colouring Book of ABCs, 2013 (Jake and Dinos Chapman "O" print)The Artists' Colouring Book of ABCs, 2013.   SOLD OUT

Twenty-six internationally renowned artists, one for every letter in the alphabet, take part in The Artists’ Colouring Book of ABCs project. The book, providing a (very) artistic take on the ABC tradition, enables parents to admire the work of great contemporary artists while taking children on an exciting journey through the alphabet with art.

The 26 artists are:
Tracey Emin - A,
Fiona Banner - B,
Alex Katz - C,
Harland Miller - D,
Chantal Joffe - E,
Gillian Ayres - F,
Joseph Kosuth - G,
Betty Woodman - H,
Gary Hume - I,
Pietro Ruffo - J,
Cathie Pilkington - K,
Mat Collishaw - L,
Paula Rego - M,
Keith Coventry - N,
Jake & Dinos Chapman - O,
Grayson Perry - P,
Bob & Roberta Smith - Q,
Gavin Turk - R,
Rachel Howard - S,
Polly Morgan - T,
Georgie Hopton - U,
Maggi Hambling - V,
Paul Fryer - W,
Keith Tyson - X,
Yinka Shonibare - Y,
Marc Quinn - Z.

The Artists’ Colouring Book of ABCs, 2013. (book cover)Limited Edition of 250-pieces.
The book is 37,5x27,5cm and has a hardback cover covered with dark grey cloth.
60 pages all printed in black and white.
The title is embossed in black on the cover. The endpapers are orange.
The boxset comes in a kraft cardboard box with lid, and screen-printed image on the top of the lid.
The size of the box is 39,5x29,5x4,5cm.
A limited edition handmade screen print of the letter O's drawing by Jake and Dinos Chapman, made for the book, is included.
Signed by the artists on the front, numbered at the back and inserted in tracing clear, acid-free envelopes.
The size of the print is 32x22cm.
Price: €180   SOLD OUT

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