Awesome Editions by Pettibon, Gillick, Meese, Chapman Bros.

Brigade Commerz, logoBet you never heard of Brigade Commerz, Germany. Well, now you have. You're welcome ...
They have released some really awesome editions by smashing artists, like Raymond Pettibon, Jake & Dinos Chapman, Liam Gillick and Jonathan Meese, over the last few years. In our opinion these editions are great to add to your own personal collection and/or as a holiday season gift for a good friend. We have showcased a few of their editions for you.
Come browse their online shop to see all of them.

Raymond Pettibon & Oliver Augst, Burma Shave Electrics, 2013.

Raymond Pettibon & Oliver Augst, Burma Shave Electrics, 2013. verso Raymond Pettibon & Oliver Augst, Burma Shave Electrics, 2013. Signed edition. rectoRaymond Pettibon & Oliver Augst, Burma Shave Electrics, 2013. Unsigned edition. recto

Inspired by Burma Shave’s legendary roadside advertising campaign Raymond Pettibon and German musician Oliver Augst, known for crossing musical boundaries, produced the Burma Shave Electrics. Pettibon speaks and sings some of the screwball Burma Shaves Rhymes distorted by Augst’s “weird” sound- and rhythm interventions. Recorded live 2012 in Pettibon’s studio in New York for the film 10 pm Lincoln Boulevard by Jürgen Heiter, with the illustration Swoosh by Raymond Pettibon.

Medium: 12" Picture Disc in a transparant plastic cover
Edition of 25 unsigned and not numbered
Edition of 25 uniques, each signed, numbered 1/25 - 25/25 and each dedicated to an unique famous MLB Baseball player. The labels were signed, numbered and dedicated by Pettibon whereafter the vinyl was added and the record was pressed.
Price unsigned edition: €120
Price signed edition: €300  SOLD OUT
We think these picture discs are a happy marriage between music and grafics. You can find them here

Jake & Dinos Chapman, Grappa from Hell, 2010Jake & Dinos Chapman, Grappa from Hell, 2010Liquor and art ... Now that's what you call a winning combination !!!
'Bottled Editions' available by  Jake & Dinos Chapman (sold out), Liam Gillick (sold out) and Jonathan Meese.
Small editions ranging in size from 20 - 40 bottles.
Prices from €70 - €150.
Browse the booze

Jonathan Meese, Gralsbaby d'Annunzioz, 2009.
Jonathan Meese, Gralsbaby d'Annunzioz, 2009.One hundred years ago Filippo Tommaso Marinetti announced the arrival of Futurism and his desire for art to lead and govern the people. In the same year the Nobel prize in physics was given to Guglielmo Marconi for the invention of wireless telegraphy. Ten years later Gabriele d’Annunzio realised this desire, if only for a moment, creating the first leadership of art, an artist run state in the town of Fiume (now Rijeka). Gabriele D’Annunzio and Guglielmo Marconi, the most famous Italians of their time, broadcast from the yacht Elettra a revolutionary radio message to the world, which is still in the ether: ALALÁ

Grailsbaby D’Annunzioz was able to establish this leadership of art only for a short moment, but anticipating the total dictatorship of art that will come inevitably. In his radio message DON LOLLYTADZIOZ Metabolismys does not stink (FART) Jonathan Meese has send out this ultra extreme message not only to the 53rd Venice Biennale, but to the whole world: SWEETIESSWETTIESSWETTIES

Medium: Acrylic on photography, framed
Size: 66,30 x 49,30 cm
Black wooden frame 90 x 70 cm with black passe-partout
Edition of 20, each unique
Numbered and signed
Price: €1,500

Pick out your own unique Jonathan Meese Grailsbaby D’Annunzioz

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