Billy Childish – Door knocker & Woolly Rhinoceros *SOLD*

Billy Childish, Short Sunderland Flying Boat, 2015Billy Childish, Short Sunderland Flying Boat, 2015  SOLD OUT

Medium: solid brass door knocker, 1400 grams so you'll definitely hear the postman.
Size: 18 cm long x 21.5 cm wide x 4 cm high
Edition of 3
Comes with a signed and numbered edition certificate.
The one pictured belonging to Dr Childish. Yours will be sparkling and new until you allow it to weather.
Price: £650

Billy Childish, Woolly Rhinoceros, 2015Billy Childish, Woolly Rhinoceros, 2015  SOLD OUT

Medium: solid bronze sculpture with brown and green patinas, 1121 grams
Size: 21 cm long x 13 cm high x 6 cm wide
Edition of 31 with 4 AP
Price: £650

These Billy Childish editions are available at L-13 Light Industrial Workshop