Camille Henrot – Mother Tongue

Camille Henrot - Mother Tongue - 2021

Camille Henrot - Mother Tongue - 2021Artspace & Phaidon, in partnership with the Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles, are pleased to announce a new limited edition by Camille Henrot entitled Mother Tongue. Created exclusively to benefit MOCA through a unique Artspace editions initiative, proceeds from the sale of Mother Tonguewill support programming at the museum for the coming year.

Mother Tongue shares its title with Henrot’s current solo exhibition of new works at the Kestner Gesselschaft, in Hanover, Germany, and can be read in various ways—by design. Its rich visual beauty belies a deeper inquiry into the nature of humanity itself. Referencing language as a means of appropriation, and the mouth as a site of both expression and consumption, Mother Tongue drives cracks into the iconic art historical trope of mother and child. Its intentional ambiguity sparks existential questions about instinctual and imposed attachment, affection, and alienation that, for many, have risen to the forefront of our awareness during a year of quarantine.

"To me, parenting is a very interesting source for material because of its messiness. It’s complex and ambivalent and unstable. There is tenderness but there is also anger. There is attraction but there is also repulsion. And if you pull on these strings, everything comes together: sexuality, love, death, and much more."
-Camille Henrot

Medium: Digital archival print on Epson Hot Press Natural 330g/m2 paper
Size: 24 x 18 in  - 61.0 x 45.7 cm
Edition of 50 + 5 AP
Signed and numbered
Price: $1,500

This limited edition Camille Henrot print is available at Artspace