Cecily Brown – Night’s Noontime *SOLD*

Cecily Brown - Night's Noontime - 2020. SOLD OUT

Cecily Brown - Night's Noontime - 2020Brown’s etching for the Whitechapel Gallery, takes it’s title from a poem by Richard Dadd, the great fairy painter. As in her paintings, blades of grass criss-cross the picture plane to fragment and “crack” the image, here they split and divide the plane and loop moments or painterly “incidents”. One sees trees and ground and sky; birds dead and alive; a boar’s head; a parade; a skirmish of cartoonish bodies; distant smoke and fire, ink congealing into figuration, animals in the act of disappearing.

Medium: Copper plate etching
Size: 66.5 x 85 cm (26.2 x 33.5 in)
Edition of 30
Signed and numbered
Price: £ 2,500
WG Member's Price:  2,250

This limited edition Cecily Brown print is available at Whitechapel Gallery