Chuck Close prints – Obama Victory fund *SOLD*

Chuck Close - Obama Victory Fund, 2012.  SOLD OUT

Chuck Close - Obama Victory Fund, 2012. A watercolor print by Chuck Close is now available for purchase to benefit the Obama Victory Fund 2012. This release comes in various sizes: Large, Medium and Small.  A number of the works have been signed by both Close and President Obama.

And when you find these prints to small sized, you can always decide to purchase the limited edition tapestry Close designed. Your wallet shouldn't be small sized too.

Large Prints
Paper size: 75 x 60"
Image size: 66-1/4 x 54-3/4"
Limited Edition of 10
Price: $50,000

Medium Prints
Paper size: 55 x 44"
Image size: 47-1/2 x 39-1/2"
Limited Edition of 40
Price: $25,000

Small Prints
Paper size: 30 x 24"
Image size: 22-1/2 x 18-3/4"
Limited Edition of 200
Price: $5,000

These limited edition Chuck Close prints are available via the Obama-Biden site

Chuck Close, Obama Tapestry, 2012.
Medium: Tapestry
Two different portraits
Limited edition of 10
Price: $100.000 (each)