Collier Schorr – Untitled (Casil)

Collier Schorr - Untitled (Casil) - 2015 / 18

Collier Schorr - Untitled (Casil) - 2015 / 18Artist and fashion photographer Collier Schorr has long been interested in how a body changes. For several years, she followed a model named Casil McArthur, who transitions over the course of Schorr’s project Untitled (Casil) from boyish girl to girlish boy, from artist’s muse to Bowie-like chameleon. Schorr remembers meeting Casil just as Casil had begun to start modeling as a young man rather than as a young woman. When Casil first began to transition, he worried about his future as a model. But the partnership with Schorr was perfectly legible within the fashion world, with fashions moving away from his/her clothing and toward the concept of they/them. Schorr explains that Casil’s fantasmatic appeal may have changed as he transitioned, but the mystery and the enigmatic quality that a model must project remained constant. The images are playful at times, melancholic at others, crossing and blurring lines as Schorr’s photo-archive offers a slow reveal.

Medium: Photograph, print.
Paper Size: 19 x 13.34 in.
Image Size: 18 x 12 ¾ in.
Edition of 30 + 2 AP
Signed and numbered by the artist
Price: $ 750

This limited edition Collier Schorr print is available at Aperture

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