Corin Sworn – The Slow Liquidity of Glass

Corin Sworn, The Slow Liquidity of Glass, 2013.

Corin Sworn, The Slow Liquidity of Glass, 2013.Chisenhale Gallery presents a newly commissioned work by Canadian, Glasgow based artist Corin Sworn. This will be Sworn’s largest and most ambitious exhibition to date and comprises a film presented as part of an installation with synchronised lighting and sound.

 The Rag Papers (2013) explores the nature of attention, reuse and appropriation. The film’s worried narrative shifts between the perspectives of three characters who interact with a series of objects set within carefully designed domestic interiors. The film uses point of view shots and cutaway sequences to suggest the roaming nature of each character’s attention and in turn, reveals transient spaces such as hotel rooms, sorting depots and markets.

Layering multiple subjective viewpoints, Sworn’s characters shift back and forth between modes of remembering, looking, processing and reading. Objects play a central role in the film, almost as characters in their own right; the mise en scene becoming as potent as the action of the protagonists or any suggested narrative. To accompany the exhibition Sworn has produced a limited edition photograph entitled The Slow Liquidity of Glass referencing an image within the film.

Medium: Digital C-type print on Fuji Crystal Archive paper
Size: 51 x 33.4 cm
Edition of 50 + 5AP
Signed and numbered
Price: £250

This limited edition Corin Sworn print is available at Chisenhale Gallery here