Damien Hirst — Eat the Rich Series *UNAVAILABLE*

Damien Hirst - Eat the Rich Series - 2017 UNAVAILABLE

Damien Hirst - Eat the Rich Series - 2017‘Eat the Rich’ is a new series of twelve screenprints that depicts pharmaceutical packaging in which the tablet’s brand name has been replaced by a word implying violence or force. The series expands upon Hirst’s long-standing interest in the aesthetics of pharmaceutical packaging, which first manifested in his early ‘Medicine Cabinets’ series. Similar to the thirteen-part ‘Last Supper’ screenprints, ‘Eat the Rich’ illustrates the artist’s “obsession with the body”(1) and the medical industry attached to it, in which confidence is exuded through minimalist designs that perpetuate “the modernist fantasy […] that everyone and everything can be cured.”(2)

Medium: 12 silkscreen prints
Each print: 101.6 x 76.2 cm (40 x 30 in)
Edition of 50 (each)
Signed and numbered
Price set of 12 : £43.200
Price individual prints:  £3.600
These limited edition Damien Hirst prints are available at Other Criteria  (no longer in business)