Damien Hirst – Golden Magnificent Spin Head *UNAVAILABLE*

Damien Hirst, Golden Magnificent Spin Head, 2014   UNAVAILABLE

Damien Hirst, Golden Magnificent Spin Head, 2014The skull is one of a number of recurring motifs not only in Damien Hirst’s work, but also in art history in general, and in this series Hirst has introduced it into another area of his oeuvre. The technique applied is simple, but the outcome implies complex ideas about mortality and the history of mankind, and although these works deny a specific anthropological or historical reading, the results are compelling, being celebratory and seductive, as well as ominous and haunting.

Medium: Household gloss on plastic skull,
Size: 141 x 200 x 140 mm
Signed on the back of the skull
Price: £36,800

These Damien Hirst skulls are available at Other Criteria (business stopped)