Damien Hirst – Hell *NOT AVAILABLE*

Damien Hirst, Hell, 2012 NOT AVAILABLE

Damien Hirst, Hell, 2012Executed in 2012 for Hirst’s 'Utopia' exhibition at Paul Stolpher Gallery, London, these six inkjet-and-foil-block prints depict rows of pills, diamonds or cigarettes arranged in metal cabinets. Hell shows rows of stubbed-out cigarette ends and a single Cuban cigar: objects that embody a mixture of desire, pleasure and death. The ashes recall a graveyard and the cigarette stubs create what critic Brian Dillon described as a ‘feeling of arid post-humanity in the most expansive way’ – now expired, the stubs are a subtle reminder of mortality.

Medium: Inkjet, glaze and foilblock
Size: 615 x 710 mm (24 x 28 inches)
Edition of 55
Signed and numbered
Published by Other Criteria & Paul Stolper
Price: £6,000

You can order this Damien Hirst print at Other Criteria (business stopped)