Damien Hirst – The Currency NFT *EXPIRED*

Damien Hirst - The Currency - 2016/2021 EXPIRED

Damien Hirst - The Currency - 2016/2021The Currency” consists of 10,000 NFTS that correspond to 10,000 unique works on paper created back in 2016. The spot-colored works hearken back to Hirst’s painted all-over canvases that began in the 1980s, and are being held in a secure vault somewhere in the United Kingdom.

Each title of the spotty works was created through machine learning based on a database of some of Hirst’s favorite song lyrics. Some of the poetic titles include Totally Gonna Sell You, Wet Moving Mirror, Grandfathered to the Gang, and My Vision Is Fucked. The works may look similar, but no two dots are the same color, while each piece is individually numbered, signed, and stamped by the artist with a microdot and a hologram featuring a portrait of Hirst.

The collector can either keep the NFT or exchange it for one of the works on paper, and they have one year to make their decision. By 3 p.m. BST on July 27, 2022, if collectors have not turned in the NFT for a print, the corresponding artwork will be burned.

Those interested in applying have one week starting on July 14, 2021. The NFTs will be distributed beginning on July 29, 2021. Each NFT is $2,000 and can be paid for in any currency including Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD Coin, and Dai, as well as using old-fashioned credit or debit cards.

Medium: Series of unique physical paintings with corresponding NFT
Size: TBC
Edition: 10,000
Signed, titled, numbered and stamped with Hirst hologram.
Price: $2,000

This Damien Hirst NFT will be released on July 14th, 3pm (BST) from HENI.