Daniel Arsham – FUTURE RELIC 09 *SOLD*

Daniel Arsham - FUTURE RELIC 09 -2018  SOLD OUT

Daniel Arsham - FUTURE RELIC 09 -2018'FUTURE RELIC 09 is a fictional archeological object in a limited edition. In this future universe I have been working on for the last 5 years, Future Relics are common objects rendered obsolete, decayed and have been excavated from the earth. From the first Future Relic release I have have indicated there are 9 relics in total. The 9th Future Relic edition includes the cast plaster and glass keyboard, art handling gloves, and is carefully displayed in a die cut EVA foam enclosure. The exterior box features a uniquely embossed information label and a holographic edition number.'

Daniel Arsham - FUTURE RELIC 09 will be released Friday January 26th 2018, at Noon EST at www.danielarsham.com