Darren Almond digital – “Track Record”

Darren Almond, Track Record, 2013.

Darren Almond, Track Record, 2013. British artist Darren Almond is renowned for his works dealing with time and its passage, and themes of personal and historical memory. Track Record is a video documentation of the 2005 work Terminus, an installation that relocated 14 socialist-era bus stops from the Polish town of Oswiecim (in German Auschwitz) into a gallery space in Berlin. Through one long tracking shot, the camera moves across a room capturing dislocated bus stations that stand empty and abandoned. In a steady movement, we are lead past the stations in mimicry of a bus route, an eerie journey, empty of human life. The movie plays in silence, accompanied only by a subtle undefined background sound of the camera moving about the building.

The work, Video –  Full HD 1080p, 6 mins 35 secs and Still – High-resolution image (PNG), is an edition of 500. Track Record is also part of s[edition]’s dynamic pricing model. As edition availability decreases the price of the work increases. Prices starting at $32/£20/€24.

This limited Darren Almond digital edition is available on s[edition] here