Darren Almond ‘Fullmoon@Sandwalk’ *SOLD*

Darren Almond, Fullmoon@Sandwalk Wood, 2014   SOLD OUT

Darren Almond, Fullmoon@Sandwalk Wood, 2014In this limited edition print by Darren Almond, which accompanies a limited, signed version of his publication 'To Leave a Light Impression', the artist continues his series of 'fullmoon' photographs. In these images, Almond photographs extraordinary landscapes at night, under the clear light of a full moon, enabling details otherwise undetectable to the human eye to be revealed. This image depicts the edge of Sandwalk Wood, a copse that Charles Darwin planted at his home, Down House, which was encircled by a path where he walked and thought every day. The work relates to Almond's large-scale images of Cape Verde, whose visceral, bleak landscape played a key role in the development of Darwin's book On the Origin of Species (1859). Like the Cape Verde images which remind us of how we always view landscapes through the lens of historical knowledge – and how landscape can be inscribed with a historical trace ­– 'Fullmoon@Sandwalk Wood' depicts a sublime corner of nature that holds a hidden and powerful historical resonance beneath its apparently objective iconography.

Medium: Giclee on Somerset Satin 330gsm paper
Size: 11 x 8 1/4 in. (28 x 21 cm)
Edition of 100
Signed and numbered
Price: £150   SOLD OUT

This limited edition Darren Almaond print is available at White Cube