David Bowie – Third Drawer Down

David Bowie x Altered Antique Ceramic Plate

Altered antique plate depicting David Bowie. These beautiful old plates are given a new life with their own original artwork. Perfect for display or mounted on a wall, these plates depict portraits of all different genres and species.

LARGE Plate 1:
This is a vintage, D&Co Limoges L. Bernardaud French porcelain plate with a gold crest, bow and floral motif.
Size: 23.24 cm in diameter
Price: AUD 120

SMALL Plate 1:
Vintage, Crown Potteries plate with a floral motif, silver/scalloped edge and embossed floral crest.
Size: 14.9cm in diameter
Price: AUD 75

SMALL Plate 2:
This is a vintage porcelain plate with a pink floral motif, worn gold/scalloped edge and embossed crown.
Size: 15.5cm in diameter
Price: AUD 75

SMALL Plate 3:
This is a vintage Noritake porcelain plate with a retro floral motif and silver edge.
Size 16.2cm in diameter
Price: AUD 75

These are antique plates, with hand placed decal. They may differ slightly from the image.
These David Bowie antique plates are available at Third Drawer Down