David Leventhal – from the series Wild West *SOLD*

David Leventhal - Untitled (from the series Wild West), 2012.   SOLD OUT

David Leventhal, Untitled (from the series Wild West), 2012Aperture is pleased to release this special limited-edition photograph by David Levinthal from his well known series Wild West.  Levinthal's Wild West series was first published in Issue 108 of Aperture Magazine in 1988.  A central figure in the history of American postmodern photography, Levinthal stages uncanny tableaux using children’s toys, models, dolls, and play sets. Wild West (1987–2012), perhaps the artist’s best-known body of work, explores the American frontier and the Indian Wars, filtered through the nostalgic mythologizing of Hollywood westerns and late-twentieth-century advertising. This photograph will be featured in the Spring 2013 Aperture publication War Games.

Medium: Pigment ink print
Paper Size: 26 x 19 7/8 inches
Image Size: 21 3/8 x 16 inches
Edition: 20 + 3 AP
Signed and numbered by the artist
Price: $ 850   SOLD OUT

This limited David Leventhal photograph is available at Aperture