Diane Simpson – Six Fold

Diane Simpson - Six Fold - 2020

Diane Simpson - Six Fold - 2020

This artist edition work by Diane Simpson for Nottingham Contemporary, entitled Six Fold (2020), comprises two interrelated parts: a sculpture made of grey archival cardboard with crayon rubbing, and a framed reproduction of an original drawing. Inspired by an earlier work of the same name, Simpson has used the original drawing, which depicts a pattern for a collar, as both source material and blueprint for reconstructing the sculpture in its new version. 

Each sculpture has been hand-made by the artist, with the intention that it will be assembled by the owner through a progression of simple folds. The use of grey archival cardboard with crayon rubbing has appeared in many of Simpson’s sculptures, including Biwa (1979), Ribbed Kimono (1980) and Collar – fluted (2011). For this edition, Simpson chose to combine two layers of corrugated archival cardboard, each layer, blue/grey on one side, white on the other side. A dark grey crayon-rubbing creates a subtle emboss across the sculpture’s surface, which accentuates the material’s ridges. The material is also echoed in the frame, with a blue/grey mount hand-cut by Simpson from the same corrugated board, the frame painted to match. 

In this small-scale work by Simpson, the two parts coexist, emphasising the relationship between formal and functional and the play between two- and three-dimensional space. 

Medium: Crayon rubbing on folded archival corrugated cardboard, Digital pigment print with artist’s mount, painted wood frame
Construction dimensions: 23.6 x 26.6 x 14.8 cm
Framed print dimensions: 58 cm x 73.3 x 3.2 cm
Series of 15, each unique
Accompanied by a signed and numbered certificate
Price: £ 2,500

This limited edition Diane Simpson work is available at Nottingham Contemporary