Dinos Chapman – Untrust

Dinos Chapman - Untrust - 2014.

Dinos Chapman - Untrust - 2014.Capital  Children’s Choir’s stunning EP features their incredible  interpretations of songs by Crystal Castles, Spiritualized and Florence +  the Machine - with artwork, remix and video from the artist Dinos  Chapman.  The choir is known for it’s eclectic and inventively arranged selection of covers. This EP's three choral arrangements, filmed at the recording sessions at Abbey Road,  have already clocked up 2.7 million youtube views, and earned the  undying respect of the original artists. The fourth track is a 12-minute  electronic reimagining of 'Untrust Us' by Dinos.

This stunning hand-signed and numbered limited edition of only 100 copies wordwide includes a new colour etching by Dinos Chapman, hand tipped onto a five colour screen printed bespoke board sleeve containing two 180-gram clear vinyl records.

Medium: Exclusive hand coloured etching by Dinos Chapman, printed on 300gsm Somerset Velvet soft white paper (size 281.5mm x 151mm). Five colour screen printed artwork across four panels of cloth-bound bespoke board, with inside spread containing two exclusive Dinos Chapman images. CCC versions of Crystal Castles 'Untrust Us', Spiritualized 'So Long  You Pretty Thing' & Florence + the Machine 'Shake It Out'. Plus new electronic reimaginging of 'Untrust Us' by Dinos Chapman. Pressed on two 180-gram heavyweight clear vinyl records.
Limited edition of 100,
Signed by the artist
Price: £300

This limited edition Dinos Chapman record is available at The Vinyl Factory