Dorothy Iannon – The Darling Duck *SOLD*

Dorothy Iannon, The Darling Duck, 2013.  SOLD OUT

Dorothy Iannon, The Darling Duck, 2013.Over the last 40 years, American-born, Berlin-based artist Dorothy Iannone has produced a vibrant and revealing body of work, expressing her feelings and experiences through painting, drawing, poetry and song. Iannone’s portrayals of male and female sexuality celebrate the joy of her most intimate relationships while subverting traditional gender stereotypes of dominance and control. Through graphic paintings, sculptures and video boxes her works depict partly-clothed and naked figures on bright psychedelic backgrounds of flora, mandalas and biomorphic patterns. Recalling classical Indian erotic art, Egyptian frescoes and Byzantine mosaics, Iannone’s intricate work communicates a personal narrative, passionate love affairs and lifetime pursuit of ‘ecstatic unity' through transcendence and spirituality.

Accompanying here exhibition "Innocent and Aware", 8 March 2013 - 5 May 2013, the artist created this limited edition scarf exclusively for Camden Arts Centre.
Medium: silk twill scarf,
Edition of 20
Price: £295  SOLD OUT

This limited Dorothy Iannon edition is available at the bookshop of Camden Arts Centre