Enoc Perez – Fontainebleau – Miami *SOLD*

Enoc Perez, Fontainebleau - Miami, 2014  SOLD OUT

Enoc Perez, Fontainebleau - Miami, 2014Editions/Artists’ Books Fair (E/AB) - November 6-9, 2014 - is New York’s premier showcase for contemporary publishers and dealers, presenting the latest and greatest in prints, multiples, and artists’ books. The Fair is well known for its vibrant energy thanks to its innovative international exhibitors, and hundreds of artists shown.

Each year, an artist is commissioned to make an original artwork for the E/AB Fair’s annual, limited edition benefit print. Proceeds from the sales help supplement the cost of presenting the Fair. Enoc Perez has created this year’s edition.

Born in San Juan in 1967, Enoc Perez first took painting lessons at the age of eight. As the son of an art critic, he spent family vacations traveling to museums in different countries and learning about the history of art. In 1986, Perez moved to New York to study painting at the Pratt Institute before earning his master’s degree at Hunter College. Embracing art’s potential for pleasure and beauty, Perez paints sensuous nudes, still lifes, tropical resorts, and modern architectural icons in a sleek aesthetic with dazzling, vibrant colors. Perez is best known for his paintings of modernist buildings that nostalgically capture the utopian ambitions and optimism that inspired their construction.

For twenty years, Perez worked in a technique related to the printmaking process. Inspired by the influence of Andy Warhol and his screenprints on the New York art scene, Perez developed his own innovative method that mimicked the process of color printing. In 2010, Perez decided to begin working with brushes again.

Describing his change in process, Perez explains: “For years I did not use brushes in the making of my paintings, the new paintings are done with brushes. I like the new work, making it has been renewing. Sometimes you have to burn your own house in order to create something new.”

Medium: Screenprint on mirrored paper,
Size: 22.5″ x 29.75″ (57.15 x 75.57 cm)
Edition of 50
Signed and numbered
Price: $2,000

This limited edition Enoc Perez print is available at E/AB Fair

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