Erik van Lieshout – Sonia

Erik van Lieshout - Sonia - 2017

Erik van Lieshout - Sonia - 2017To commemorate Erik van Lieshouts solo exhibition Three Social Works, 2017 the artist produced a unique series of editions for the SLG inspired by his work The Basement (2014), commissioned for the European biennial of contemporary art Manifesta 10 in St. Petersburg. The Basement depicts Van Lieshout’s quest to improve the quality of life for the cats in the Hermitage Museum where there is a 200 year tradition of keeping cats in the basement to catch the mice. A short film documents his efforts as he cleans and paints their home, designs Modernist-inspired scratching posts, creates new climbing towers and installs artworks for their enjoyment. Interviews with the museum director, staff and the volunteers who look after the cats present a variety of perspectives on the situation, and the film is screened at the end of a make-shift tunnel daubed with photocopies of cats, drawings and collages of political and other figures. The edition Sonia, 2017 is based upon a sketch created during the production of the installation and incorporates Van Lieshout’s recognisable approach using stickers, vinyl, hand drawn and painted elements.

Medium: Mixed media on black and white xerox copy
Size: 29.7 x 42 cm (variable)
Signed, numbered and dated
Edition of 30, each unique
Price: £220

These limited edition Erik van Lieshout works are available at the South London Gallery