Erwin Wurm – Noodlesculpture (That’s me)

Erwin Wurm - Noodlesculpture (That’s me) - 2016/2017

Erwin Wurm - Noodlesculpture (That’s me) - 2016/2017For Austrian artist Erwin Wurm, sculpture is a fluid concept. Over the last three decades, Wurm has created work that blurs the boundary between viewer, object, and performer and challenges the formal qualities of sculpture. This is visible in his audience-activated One Minute Sculptures and works like Noodlesculpture (That’s me) which challenges assumptions about sculptural temporality and monumentality. This photograph, featuring Wurm with noodles draped over his head, is both documentation of the sculpture/performance and a work in its own right and demonstrates the artist's continued interest in pushing beyond the conventional notions of the sculptural medium.

Medium: C-print
Size: 20 x 16 in - 50.8 x 40.6 cm
Edition of 25
Signed and numbered
Price: $1.000

This limited edition Erwin Wurm print is available at Lehmann Maupin