Faile – de la Faile *SOLD*

Faile - de la Faile - 2017  SOLD OUT

FAILE - de la Faile - 2017

The new 150 Series will feature the de la FAILE image. There are approximately six variations within the edition. Multiple color variations, hand-painted, stained and printed. All on a nice, thick archival paper. As usual the backs of these are quite special and unique. With printing and stamping and embossing and signed.

Medium: Acrylic, Silkscreen Ink on Lenox 100 Paper and a little extra love on the back
Size: 12.5 x 19 Inches
Varied Edition of 250
Signed, Stamped & Numbered
Price: $150  SOLD

FAILE - De La Faile originalFaile will also be releasing two original de la FAILE works on paper. These are heavily layered and hand painted, full of everything that is FAILE. These will both be available through the FAILE shop at Noon (NYC time) on March 23rd...

Medium: Acrylic, Spray Paint and Silkscreen Ink on Lenox 100 Archival Paper
Size: 38 x 25 Inches
Signed, Stamped and Embossed
Price: $6,500  SOLD

These limited edition Faile prints and originals will be available Thursday March 23rd 2017 at Noon (NYC time) at Faile