Faile – Modern Living *SOLD*

Faile - Modern Living - 2018  SOLD OUT

Faile - Modern Living - 2018 Inspired by the style of some past 150 prints this print builds off that and adds in more layers, hand-painted bits and a bigger size, so not considering it a part of that series per say. At least a dozen variations in the set, printed backs and 4 Candy Stamps and as well

Medium: Hand-painted acrylic and silkscreen ink on heavyweight archival deckled paper
Size: 19.5 inches x 25 in
Varied Edition of 250
Signed, Stamed, Embossed FAILE
Price: $295  SOLD OUT

This limited edition Faile print will be released Wednesday May 16 at at Noon (NYC Time) at Faile 

Faile - Modern Living - 2018