Fiona Tan – Vox Populi

Fiona Tan - Vox Populi, London Limited Edition, 2012.

Fiona Tan - Vox Populi, London Limited Edition, 2012.A special limited edition set of the five books from the Vox Populi series that feature a ‘snapshot’ of a country or community, Norway, Sydney, Tokyo, Switzerland, and London, through photographs from family albums collected by Fiona Tan, presented with five original photographic prints, one to represent each location, together with a photographic plan of how the images should be installed, on orange-lined graph paper, signed and numbered by the artist.

Published by Book Works in a limited edition of 10, plus 6 artist’s proofs.
Presented in a blue cloth slipcase, produced by Book Works Studio.
Designed by Gabriele F. Götz.
Book size, 178 x 126 mm,
Image size, 163 x 118 mm.
Price: £ 650

This limited Fiona Tan book edition is available at Book Works here