Fred Tomaselli – Scanner

Fred Tomaselli - Scanner - 2020

Fred Tomaselli - Scanner - 2020‘For years, I've been laying leaves and pills onto photographic paper in order to capture the shadow of real things into photograms. This is the first time I've used a digital scanner to capture the prearranged image. The resulting image of the leaves are captured full scale and contain their original color and texture. I printed the image and then cut it up and painted it. This work extends my investigation of art as a perceptual modification activity while blurring the difference between the real, the photographic and the painterly.’
- Fred Tomaselli

Medium: Digital print with red Screenprint
Edition of 50
Image size: 28 x 36cm
Paper size: 38 x 48cm
Signed and numbered
Price: £ 500

This limited edition Fred Tomaselli print is available at Camden Art Centre