Gabriel Kuri edition – Untitled (Hand-rubbed in Paris)

Gabriel Kuri, Untitled (Hand-rubbed in Paris), 2012.

Gabriel Kuri, Untitled (Hand-rubbed in Paris), 2012."The multiple consists of a hand rubbing (frottage) on three overlaying pieces of paper, separated by carbon copying sheets. The sheets of paper (marked cover, middle and back sheets) are previously printed with official information and caption and each bear a distinctive colour. This layering/ordering is a reference to credit card vouchers, which are produced by triplicate linking individual, mediator and institution in one transaction. The information that appears on the paper (a phrase by Sigmund Freud), product of rubbing (a primitive printing technique), shows vivid on the front sheet, a little weaker on the middle and faintest on the back sheet." - Gabriel Kuri

Medium: Carbon copy frottage on 3-overlaid sheets of printed paper
Size: 65 x 33,2 cm
Edition: 10 + 2 AP
Signed & numbered by the artist
Price: € 850

This limited Gabriel Kuri edition is available at Onestar Press