Gavin Turk – Piscio d’Artista Editions

Gavin Turk - Piss Artist - 2021In a playful homage to Piero Manzoni, who 60 years ago created one of the most radical and challenging modern artworks, Merda d’Artista. Manzoni put his own sh*t into tins and sold it for its equivalent weight in gold. Gavin Turk’s latest project is a response to this, CANning his own urine and selling it for its weight in sliver.

Gavin has been collecting his urine for over two years and now it’s time to CAN and collect. Sealed in a bespoke aluminium CAN, specially screen printed with the text translations in 31 different languages, finished and hand signed with a foil seal. A limited edition body of work from the Artist's own body.

Gavin Turk - Artist Piss - 2021

Gavin Turk - Artist Piss - 2021Medium: Screen-printed aluminium can filled with artists urine.
Size: 115 x 66mm (approx)
Edition: Initial run of 350
Signed and numbered
Price: £200 (for the first 150 editions, £250 thereafter).

Gavin Turk - 3D Font - 2008

Gavin Turk - 3D Font - 2008Medium: Silkscreen Ink on paper.
Size: 100 x 70cm
Edition: 60
Signed and numbered
Price: £1,000

Gavin Turk - Bronze Trophy - 2021 SOLD OUT

Gavin Turk - Bronze Trophy - 2021Medium: Solid bronze sculpture
Size: 115 x 66mm (approx)
Edition: 5
Engraved signature
Price: £5,000

These editions are available from the artists Kickstarter Campaign.