Gina Beavers – Vase Lips *SOLD*

Gina Beavers - Vase Lips - 2022 SOLD OUT

Finding inspiration in the high-gloss images produced by digital content creators, Gina Beavers dissolves boundaries between consumption and reflection, texturizing sheened images from the internet into larger than life, visceral painted screenshots that don’t go down nearly as easily as a feed. Beauty tutorials, in particular, have been sites of intrigue for Beavers, as cropped elements of the body create narratives which showcase technical skill, illustrate a surrender to kitsch, and reveal the seduction of repetition. We are thrilled to have collaborated with Beavers to release Vase Lips, the artist’s first functional sculpture edition. Influenced by online make-up artists who decorate lips with rhinestones and other elements, Beavers says Vase Lips “was born from the idea that I would try to make a vase. Sculpting with only my hands and a few tools in air-dry clay, it would have the definite feel of a handmade object. I decided it would be a set of lips with vases embedded, where the vases could be functional for small flowers or remain empty, becoming an alternative take on a traditional vase, as well as a comment on make-up, design, and digital culture.”

Gina Beavers - Vase Lips - 2022Medium: Hand painted, glazed stoneware
Size: 12 x 6 x 6.5 inches 
Edition of 25 + 3AP + 2PP
Signed on reverse
Price: TBC

This Gina Beavers sculpture will be released on 13th January at 12PM (EST) from Exhibition A.

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