Greg Bogin — Grape Jelly *SOLD*

Greg Bogin — Grape Jelly - 2021 SOLD OUT

While mirrors are traditionally devices of vanity used to reflect a representation of how the viewer appears to the world, Grape Jelly ignites a shift in focus from the individual to his or her surroundings. With the reflection that the artwork’s nature allows, it is up to the viewer to fill in the blank; through this added layer of possibility, Bogin encourages the viewer to pay mind to the boundless beauties of life.

Greg Bogin — Grape JellyMedium: 3-color hand-pulled screen print on shaped die-cut purple mirrored plexiglass
Size: 17h x 30w inches
Edition of 25
Price: $ 2,000

This limited edition Greg Begin work is available at Louis Buhl Gallery.