Greg Bogin – Tangerello *SOLD*

Greg Bogin - Tangerello - 2021  SOLD OUT

Greg Bogin - Tangerello - 2021Bogin is a contemporary artist who lives and works in New York. His brightly colored works follow a path of minimalism mixed with pop references, with balances of blank white space and gradients.

In Tangerello, these signature expanses of devoid white areas are replaced by an auburn mirror, the piece’s playful silhouette lined with a fluorescent screenprinted border. The project grew from a series of drawings Bogin created upon his long-awaited return to his studio as covid restrictions in New York slowly began to ease. Along with masks, the artist notes protective eyewear as an integral part of the aligning social landscape. His diverse collection of sunglasses serves as both visual and symbolic inspiration for the work.

While mirrors are traditionally devices of vanity used to reflect a representation of how the viewer appears to the world, Tangerello, ignites a shift in focus from the individual to his or her surroundings. With the reflection that the artwork’s nature allows, it is up to the viewer to fill in the blank; through this added layer of possibility, Bogin encourages the viewer to pay mind to the boundless beauties of life.

“The bright colors cheered me up as a way to still have some fun while keeping safe. This latest edition with my friends at Louis Buhl is an expression of my love for cycling eyewear and a celebration of bright color and reflective surfaces that I hope bring some happiness and cheer.” — Greg Bogin

Medium: 3-color hand-pulled screen print on shaped die-cut amber mirrored plexiglass
Size: 17 x 30 in
Edition of 25
Signed and numbered
Price: $ 2,000

This limited edition Greg Bogin work is available May 20, 12PM EST at Louis Buhl & Co